The UNCoin 6.0 Upgrade Notice. 联合国币升级通知! 유엔코인6.0 업그레이드 공지사항.

Upgrades and Replacement of the UNCoin Wallet, We'll give you uncoin(v1.0),(+Version),(v5.0)uncoin v6.0 to exchanging work.
uncoin v1.0 is not compatible with uncoin v6.0 ,Please contact the office under exchange the coin, which have now.
When to transfer the coin is incompatible not eliminate, but hard to remove. C-CEX.COM forward in uncoin v 1.0 has not been traded.
For a complete inquiry include the following exchange of uncoin v6.0

UNCOIN China Office TEL: +861064730771, +8613371713849
China representative E-Mail:
UNCOIN Korea Office TEL: +8224558700, +821052514671
Korea representative E-Mail:

uncoin钱包升级及交换,uncoin(v1.0),(+Version),(v5.0)换成 uncoin V6.0 的通知. uncoin(v1.0),(+Version),(v5.0)是不能互换 uncoinV6.0 所以现持有的coin请跟办公室联系交换.
没有互换的coin转账的情况下不会丢掉但还换有难度. 今后c-cex.com不再交易V1.0 详细的 uncoin V6.0 交换咨询电话.
韩国办公室电话:+8224558700, +821052514671

유엔코인 지갑 업그레이드 및 교체, 유엔코인(v1.0),(+version),(v5.0)을 유엔코인v6.0으로 교환 업무를 알려드립니다. 유엔코인 구버전은 유엔코인v6.0과 호환이 되지 않습니다.
그러므로 현재 가지고 있는 코인을 아래 사무소에 연락하셔서 교환하시기 바랍니다.호환되지 않는 코인을 이체할 경우 없어지지는 않지만 되돌리기 어렵습니다.
향후 C-CEX.COM 에서는 유엔코인V1.0은 거래가 되지 않습니다. 자세한 유엔코인v6.0 교환 문의는 다음과 같습니다.
중국사무실 전화: +861064730771, +8613371713849
중국담당자 E-Mail:
한국사무실 전화: +8224558700, +821052514671
한국담당자 E-Mail:

The UNCoin Foundation's Hong Kong headquarters, legal notice. 联合国币基金会 香港总部 通知! 유엔코인재단 홍콩본부 법적 고지.

The UNCoinFoundation., Limited. a non-profit Corporation founded in 2015. Proper NAME , Mark, Simbol, Insignia is UNCoin December 3, 2014, such as The Curtain was First used in The World.
First the press UNCoin a Trademark, Symbol, Proper Name and Real-time First of all, a Legal Reference of the Right.
China, the United States, Asia, etc. UNCoin in the World of Copyright protection and a Certificate of Copyright protection.
Without a final approval of The UNCoinFoundation headquarters, UNCoin and UNPay counterfeiting and copied, distributed illegal Virtual Currency.
Strongly by The UNCoinFoundation in the country's legal punishment is illegal "UNCoin & UNPay" that was distributed notice in the legal effect.

2015年 在香港成立的 非盈利联合国币基金会(UNCOINFOUNDATION LIMITED)是 联合国币的所有 文字,符号,徽章,商标等 2014年12月3日在 全世界第一次使用
并媒体发布的(UNCOIN)及(UNPAY)所有商标,文字,符号,原文,厂标,标志,徽章等 有实时的优先使用权并受到法律保护
联合国币基金会 在中国,美国,亚洲地区 包括全世界 联合国币(UNCOIN)及(UNPAY)的著作权和版权的保护证书
但没有经过联合国币基金会分布 使用(UNCOIN)及(UNPAY)都是 伪造及模仿的非法虚拟货币
还有 制作和伪造非法流通(UNCOIN)及(UNPAY)的是非法行为 由根据当事国的法律受到严重惩罚

홍콩주재 유엔코인재단 본부에서 알려드립니다.
2015년 설립된 비영리 법인 유엔코인재단 (UNCOIN FOUNDATION LIMITED)은 유엔코인의 고유명사, 심볼, 마크, 휘장 등이 2014년 12월 3일 전 세계에서 처음 사용되었으며
최초 언론에 발표된 유엔코인(UNCOIN) 상표(NAME)와, 심볼의 대한 실시간 우선 사용권의 법적 레퍼런스를 소유하고 있습니다.
또한 중국, 미국, 아시아 지역 등 전 세계에 유엔코인(UNCOIN)의 저작권 보호 및 판권보호 증서를 확보하고 있습니다.
따라서, 유엔코인재단 본부의 최종 승인없이 배포된 유엔코인 및 유엔페이는 위조 및 모방된 불법 가상화폐입니다.
또한 불법적으로 제작 유통된 "유엔코인, 유엔페이"는 유엔코인재단에서 해당 국가의 법률에 의해 강력하게 처벌할 것을 법적 고지합니다.

Official UNCoin Announcement

An innovative commons currency.

Promotes Equality and a Trust Economy.

UNCoin (UNC) was created to support the UN NGO organizations and cooperatives.

UNCoin is nothing without its global community, and we recognize that.

So on behalf of the entire UNCoin Team, we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to our wonderful global community!

What is UNCoin?

UNCoin (UNC) is a privacy-centric digital currency based on the Bitcoin software.

UNCoin is based on an August White Paper which listed the authors as Scott Nadal and Sunny King.

Also wallet was developed by Eric Young Cryptsoft help.

UNCoin is a new cryptocurrency that will feature a uniquely implemented and decentralized p2p anonymization feature via Proof of Stake protocol extensions.

UNCoin is a innovative commons currency that enables international payments for practically zero fees and without reliance on a third party.

UNCoin is a function of the presence of a limited amount of the world's common currency demand. The abundance of the "UNC" of 144,000 million pieces Uncoin are being released.

UNC's Proof-of-Stake system helps maintain the network and earns you 2% annual POS reward simply by holding coins in your wallet.

UNCoin is that you can prevent the use of the law because it complies with the world's financial transactions, such as money laundering and illegal drugs, weapons that were a problem in Bitcoin.

UNCoin team

18 Dec 2014


UNC technical details.


UNCoin v5.0(UNC) - Cryptocurrency with Scrypt mining. UNC is developed by uncoin team.

  • Symbol : UNC
  • Algorithm : SHA-256 Published.
  • Total supply : 144,000,000,000
  • Block time : 70 sec
  • One Block : 100 coin
  • 1day mining : 144,000 coin
  • Difficulty adjustment : each 10 minutes
  • Difficulty re-target : Every block
  • Transaction: 3 Comfirmations

The mathematics of UNCoin units.

  • UNC = 1 uncoin = 1 UNC
  • mUNC = 1 milli uncoin = 1 thousandth of a uncoin = 0.01 UNC = (munc or milli uncoin)
  • μUNC = 1 micro uncoin = 1 millionth of a uncoin = 0.001 UNC = (μunc or micro uncoin)
  • sUNC = 1 sec uncoin = 1 secure of a uncoin = 0.000001 UNC = (sunc or sec uncoin)
  • UNION = 1 union = 0.00000001 UNC


The SHA-256 algorithm, originally from UNCoin uses 11 rounds of hashing algorithm to keep things nice and secure.

  • Super secure hashing algorithm: 11 rounds of scientific hashing functions (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, echo) POW+POS Decentralized MasterNode Network

  • SHA-256 is a widely used hashing algorithm created by coin core developer Evan Duffield. SHA-256’s chained hashing algorithm approach utilizes a sequence of eleven scientific hashing algorithms for the proof-of-work. This is so that the processing distribution is fair and coins will be distributed in much the same way Bitcoin’s were originally. ASICs will be much more difficult to make for these algorithms and should take years.

  • With chained hashing, high end CPUs give an average return similar to that of GPUs. An added benefit of the algorithm is that GPUs require approximately 30% less wattage and run 30-50% cooler than they do with SHA-256.

  • Focused mostly on production of coins by POS as POW difficulty will gradually increase. Energy-conservative POS mining algorithm is at the core of UNC.


We have made reference to better advanced Crypto UNCoin.

  • Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer electronic cash system., 2008.

  • Nicolas T. Courtois. On the longest chain rule and programmed selfdestruction of crypto currencies, 2014.

  • Sunny King and Scott Nadal. Ppcoin: Peer-to-peer crypto-currency with proof-of-stake, 2013.

  • Scrypt proof of work. proof of work.


UNCoin combines POS + POW algorithms to process transactions on its blockchain, with an emphasis on POS.

  • For a successful attack on the network, the attacker must accumulate 51% of the computing power, and 51% of M1 aggregate (total coin supply).
    This task is much more difficult than just to accumulate 51% of the network's computational capacity.

  • The POS mechanism does not require huge computing power to process transactions on the network.
    This means that greater network security is achieved without a large investment in mining hardware,
    and makes UNCoin cheaper to maintain and more environmentally friendly than alternatives which rely solely on POW.

  • The POS concept employed by UNCoin does not allow delegation of stake to mining pools or to other persons.
    This helps to preclude the possibility of abuse of trust by a centralised party and further increases the reliability and stability of the network.


UNCoin is rapidly expanding in functionality and implementing new features:

  • UNCoin is the first fairly distributed crypto currency.

  • Clear all the coins and was fairly distributed around the world.

  • Backed by a strong, diverse and global community.

  • Promotes prosperity and financial freedom with real value.

  • Working to become the coin of Transparent transactions.


Low Inflation
UNCoin was widely distributed over a short proof of work mining phase. UNCoin holders receive 2% compounded yearly interest through a process called staking.

Fast Transactions
UNCoin's proof of stake system makes the UNCoin network lightning fast. UNCoin is the ideal digital currency for face to face transactions and all applications that value speed.

Environmentally Sound
The UNCoin network does not require the use of large-scale, specialized hardware operations. UNCoin is far more energy-efficient than traditional digital currency networks.

Mission and Philosophy

The revolutionary CIoT[cyber internet of things] anticipated in Robert Scoble book "The Age of Context" saw practical implementation of life.
In designing the infrastructure used in the virtual community to take advantage of the UNcoin architecture.
This motivated us to develop a cryptocurrency adapted for real life applications and packed full of cutting-edge technology.

UNCoin was established with an aim to support a number of Internet Hi-tech projects (Social IOT, Virtual social construction, Satellite fleet, Quantum Data) and also to support and sponsor UN-NGO projects (Anti-war, Human welfare, Low Carbon Environmental, Financial Fusion ).

We believe that the entire population of 7.2 billion have divided evenly. We have purposefully avoided speculative interest in UNCoin since its creation and orient it for real transactions, for savings and accumulation of funds and not to promote a speculative bubble.

We believe that all these innovations and our unique mix of applications will make UNCoin attractive for broad practical use.
We would like to recommend you consider UNCoin as the payment system for your projects.

- UNCoin Foundation.



Buy and Sell UNCoin at the following supporting exchanges.



Websites where you can find additional information.



Additional projects and services that use UNCoin.

Warning (주의)

If you transfer from your PC to your smartphone to uncoin necessarily please contact uncoin must be a coin switch.
If you just coin transfers may disappear.
The phone number of the Uncoinfoundation Korea Office Contact. Tel. +82-70-4905-1291

PC에서 스마트폰으로 uncoin을 이체 하는 경우 반드시 uncoin에 연락 하시어 coin 전환을 하셔야 합니다.
그냥 이체 하시는 경우 coin이 사라질 수 있습니다.
홍콩주재 유엔코인재단(Uncoinfoundation., Limited.) 세계본부 한국 임시 연락사무소는 070-4905-1291 입니다.



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UNCoin Foundation

We will recruit more developers in the future and release some new application of UNC & UNP.

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We finally announced the establishment of UNCoin Foundation, and committed to the long-term development of UNC & UNP, but also welcome to UNP & UNC fans donate us.

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